Triple Diesel

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Strain Name: Triple Diesel
Type: Sativa
Grade: A
THC: 26.0%
Medical Uses: Best for Stress, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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Triple Diesel.

Triple Diesel is one of these sativa strains that positive feels plenty like an Indica. In smaller doses, its mental results can be active sufficient to leave you centered and considerate, however taken in higher quantities, this pressure will result in a whole brain holiday. Its cross is the result of three diesel favorites: Sour Diesel, Strawberry Diesel and NYC Diesel, which is obvious in its candy, stinky aroma. If you want that diesel kick, each in aroma and head effects, this is the trifecta for you. Buy triple diesel.

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A sativa, Triple D is amazing for each daytime and middle of the night relying on how much of it you smoke. If you have real responsibilities or want to function heavy equipment, day tokes have to be stored light because it will create a piece of an, erm, hilarious confusion, even for those with a excessive tolerance. Diesel within the name have to tip you off that it smells (and tastes) a touch bit like gas.

Triple Cherry Diesel Genetics

Sin City brought us this strain from two of their most prominent breeding lines, the Sour Line and the Cherry Line. Triple Cherry Diesel is born from the Buddha’s Triplets and Sour Jack strains, making the Triple Cherry Diesel a unique and characteristic Sin City seed strain.

About Buddha’s Triplets:

This strain is a sativa dominant strain brought to us by Sin City. Like the Triple Cherry Diesel, it can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Buddha’s Triplet has a high THC content, which is typically shown most Triple Cherry seed phenotypes.

Buddha’s Triplets was designed to have all the bells and whistles that you would expect from an OG, but with a funky twist. The funk comes in with cherry tart candy tones and a sour lemon pink. This leaves us with a cherry candy-flavored OG. The Buddha’s Triplets strain was designed to meet three goals; taste delicious, deliver hefty yields, and be simple to grow. These characteristics are what make this strain an excellent inspiration to birth Triple Cherry Diesel. With a profile as great as this, what more could you want to create? The seed breeders over at Sin City decided to cross Buddha’s Triplets with Sour Jack to create an even funkier phenotype variety. Let’s see what Sour Jack has to offer.

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